Breuners Home Furnishings

Breuners Home Furnishings was originally founded in the midst of the California Gold Rush as the United States’ first privately-owned furniture sales company. John Breuner founded the company in Sacramento, California back in 1856 after deciding to change careers from gold miner to entrepreneur—he would now be selling to the very gold miners he used to work alongside.

More recently, the founder’s great grandson William R. Breuner became President and Chief Operating Officer in the early 1960s. He increased company growth from just six stores to twenty and later as many as forty. Later, he even added a furniture rental company to Breuners Home Furnishings’ repertoire.

The Breuner family believed in high-quality furniture at low prices with excellent customer service, and this has led to their longevity. In the late ‘60s this resulted in the company’s going public, then in 1977 the Breuner family and other stockholders sold majority shares to Marshall Field’s Co. of Chicago. By 1985, William Breuner retired and the company would now continue to be fully under control of other corporations.

The Breuners retailing chain was exchanged between several other companies since the mid-‘80s, while still acquiring other major furniture chains itself. Because of this, Breuners had become a national company, expanding itself from just the American Southwest into Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Breuners is now an internet-only retailer. Even in this day and age, working through a website allows our company to stay true to its original ties with John Breuner: keeping prices low while still selling the great contemporary brands. “That’s the beauty of Breuners!” as it has been right from the start.