5 Year Furniture Protection Plan

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Don't Let Life's Little Mishaps Ruin Your New Furniture!

Give yourself peace of mind and protect your new furniture investment with a 5 Year Guardian protection Plan! Whether you are buying fabric, leather or wood, you'll get coverage against common household accidents.

Included Coverage

  • Food or beverage stains

  • Human or pet bodily fluids

  • Grass or grease stains

  • Ballpoint pen ink, crayon, shoe polish or cosmetics stain

  • Nail polish stains

  • Accidental rips, cuts, burns or punctures

  • Checking, cracking, bubbling or peeling of finish from a single incident

  • Liquid rings, gouges, heat marks from a single incident

  • Breakage of the wood frame or other hard surface from a single incident

  • Chip, scratch or breakage of glass or mirrors, loss of silvering on mirrors

  • Frames/springs/motors/mechanisms are covered if they were covered by the original manufacturer's warranty that has expired

Guardian - Reliable Customer Service

Guardian's reliable customer service is located here in the USA and is staffed with specialists to help you resolve your service request in a personal and friendly manner. Please call them as soon as possible after your covered stain or damage happens and they'll be glad to assist you. Coverage starts as soon as you receive your furniture.

5 Year Furniture Protection Plan

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5 Year Furniture Protection Plan Specifications

5 Year Furniture Protection Plan Shipping Details:

Usually Ships: Before Order Is Delivered

Shipping Method: Email

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Guardian’s US based call center is located in Hickory, NC and is recognized by the Better Business Bureau as an A plus provider. Remember to call within 30 days if a covered accidental stain or damage occurs and we will assist you with your claim.

Warranty Length: 5 Years